Artwork Specs

Artwork Specifications

If Print Kitchen creates artwork:

We will supply a final proof for your approval. You are responsible for checking your final artwork including all business information, written content including menu items, prices, etc and any other content. Once approved, Print Kitchen is not liable for any errors in the final printed product.

If you supply artwork:

Print Kitchen does not correct, check spelling, modify or otherwise proofread supplied artwork. All files are printed as supplied to us. Please ensure you adhere to the below specifications and proofread your artwork prior to supply to us.

If we identify issues with your supplied artwork we will notify you via reply email. If you choose to push through artwork after we notify you of potential issues, Print Kitchen is not liable for any issues in the final printed product.

Certain products have different specs, we will advise you of any special requirements prior to printing.

File Specifications:

  • Artwork to be created using Adobe CC Suite or similar. We do not accept files created using MS Publisher, Word, etc. We do not accept jpeg or images as print ready files.
  • Bleed: 3mm on all sides. 5mm bleed required for business cards.
  • Recommended Safe Zone/Margin: 5mm in from all sides
  • Accepted File Types: PDF version 1.4 or higher
  • Recommended Resolution: 300 dpi for all images & 800 dpi for all text as an image.


  • Colours must be CMYK (i.e. no RGB, Pantone or Spot Colours)
  • All fonts must be embedded or converted to outlines.
  • Borders and type must be within safe zone as variations may occur when trimming
  • Ensure your artwork matches your print size specifications.

General Instructions:

  • Artwork must be correctly sized with required amount of bleed
  • All transparency effects are to be flattened
  • Overprints must be set correctly for desired result
  • All colour profiles are to be removed
  • Ensure all images are at correct resolution
  • Crop marks, if required, are to be positioned outside bleed area.

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